Sept 2022

Pickleball – Some notes about my experience with this popular new sport

August 2022

Water Heater – Some notes about replacing a water heater

June 2022

Sigma DG DN lens review

S5 Autofocus Test

Backyard Photography

Jan 2022

Yamaha YSP sound projectors

oct 2021

Portland road trip

sept 2021

Did a trip through SoCal and to Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, Malibu, SLO, Santa Barbara, Monterey. Anyways, in the parking lot to Balboa Pier in Newport Beach these three guys were looking at this pickup truck and I couldn’t figure out why. As I got closer I realized they were watching a Cooper’s Hawk eat a pigeon. I haven’t shot many wildlife images in my life, it’s not really my thing, but with my M6II and the 55-200mm shooting freehand I nailed some shots.

March 2021

It’s been a year since the shelter in place was implemented here in California. A year flew by. See my Coronavirus blog. Gravel bikes seem to be all the rage for a few years now, so here are my thoughts on gravel bikes. I started a new page on the Bay Trail. Setting up tubeless tires and other tire related issues.

November 2020

Lumix S5 first impressions

April 2020


4.1.2020 M6 Mark II firmware 1.1.0 available for 24p video! Of course this should have been in the released version, but whatever, it’s available now. 24p is what most closely resembles the film look so it is extremely popular with filmmakers and my go to frame rate.

4.30.2020 Sold my last M3 ūüė¶ I got $200 for it and used it and another M3 body I bought for most of my images the last 5 years. I’m down to an M6 Mark II and an RP. I plan to do more macro photography with my EF-M 28 and EF-S 60. For sure I’ll keep an EF-M system, just not sure if I need a FF system. Too much gear to carry around.

Pixel/Android/Chromebook/Chrome OS or iPhone/iOS/MacBook Pro/MacOS – My recent experiences with both hardware and operating systems.

Jan 2020

Bought a used Canon RP for $800

Dec 2019

In Taiwan shooting the M6II, M3, 22 f2.0 and 32 f1.4.

EF-M 32mm pre review

Camera Market Health 2019

Nov 2019

Sigma – EF-M lenses, Sigma FP, brick and mortar camera stores.

Go Pro Hero 8 pre review

Slowpitch Softball bats

Oct 2019

Reviews – Who are the best reviewers on youtube?

Canon M6 Mark II preview

Tripod mounts – This PX1R is my favorite tripod mount

Camera bags – These are the 4 camera bags I recommend

Sept 2019

Tesla Model 3 review

What camera system should I buy?

A Nikon mirrorless APS-C line?

July 2019

Fireworks with the M system


April 2019

CanonM50SmallerCanon or Nikon? details my experience with both brands.

EOSRSmallerEOS R review. My 4 month experience with the R.

CanonM50Smaller Canon M50 first impressions.

cipa2019Smaller Camera Market Health 

CanonM50SmallerWhat camera should I buy?

Mirrorless or DSLR?

TetonsThumbnail.1.5inches.IMG_0667 The Grand Tetons! I spent Sept-Nov 2018 in the Tetons.

New Cameras!

Feb 14, 2019 the Canon RP¬†was announced!¬†Lumix announced their S1 and S1r on Feb 1, 2019. My first impression of the S1 and S1r.¬†Canon announced their EOS R on Sept 5, 2018.¬†Nikon announced the Z6 and Z7 on Aug 23, 2018. My opinion of the new Z’s…

Tesla blog, Travel blog, Photo blog

Added in the Grand Tetons trip tutorial Sept-Nov 2018


M for Travel ‚Äď Hawaii cruise in December 2017


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5 favorite Canon cameras

Canon rumors had an article about your 5 favorite Canon cameras. My list would be: Canon M6 Mark II Canon M3 Canon 6D Mark II Canon 6D Canon 70D I have loved all these cameras and shot numerous images all over the world. The T2i was my first Canon.


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