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Salsa El Mariachi Titanium hardtail mountain bike, size large. Frame is low mileage, great functional and cosmetic condition. The frame itself looks nearly new–very little wear and the finish still looks terrific. No dents or dings. 

The bike is set up with Jones loop bars for bikepacking. XTR/XT 3×9 drivetrain with XTR shifters, derailleurs, and hydraulic brakes. White Brothers fork, Chris King headset, Mavic crossmax wheelset, WTB Nanos running tubeless. WTB saddle. A light, fast hardtail for your adventures. 

I’m located in New York City, free pickup for locals. 

Revelate frame bag included!

The ad was misleading and outright lying.

Excellent Used Cosmetic and Functional Condition.

Should have read:

2012 Salsa El Mariachi Ti 

Condition, fair to good

Ding on left fork stanchion

Rear rotor will need replacing

Front brake doesn’t work, needs a new brake tube, brake fluid, and bleeding

Drive train is worn, dirty, and could use a new cassette, chain, and cleaning.

Shifters are 2010 Shimano XTR ST-M975 Dual Control Shifters Brake Levers 3 X 9 Speed


These shifters were only made this one year. They shift by pushing the brake lever down and up. This takes a while to get used to if you are used to grip shift or trigger shifters.

Bid starts at $899

Lesson learned.

I bought this bike based on the sellers feedback, the titanium frame, my prior experience having a steel El Mariachi, the XTR groupset, and the Jones bar set up.

Mistakes I made:

  1. The XTR groupset was from 2010 and had 10 years of wear on it and is easily eclipsed by Shimano 1x drivetrains of 2018-2021 so don’t get fooled by the XT or XTR group set if they are more than 5 years old.
  2. The ad didn’t have close up pix of the drive train which was dirty and worn
  3. There were no close up pix of the brake rotors which were worn and needed replacing
  4. There were no close up pix of the fork stanchions which had some dings on them
  5. The model year of the bike wasn’t listed in the ad, so I couldn’t immediately price it on bicyclebluebook. I should have figured this out from the pix to get a price range to make an offer. But even at $500-$600, I would have to put a new drivetrain and brake system on it and have the fork serviced so basically I’d be buying the frame.
  6. I ended up losing 3 hours of my time and $50 to box up the bike. Ebay got me all the money back.
  7. Jones handlebars are only $50-$150 depending on the model and material so I wouldn’t let that sway you to buying a bike.
  8. If the bike ad doesn’t list the year, get the seller to email it to you and double check online that the year is consistent with the way the bike looks.
  9. Get a price range from bicycle bluebook and start there as a price
  10. If the ad doesn’t have close up pix of the cassette, chain, fork stanchions, brake rotors, tires, ask the seller to post them. These are high wear area and subject to damage so if there are no close up pix, there may be a reason…

It’s $50-$150 to box up a bike and $100-$150 to ship a bike so $150-$300 to box and ship a bike. 

Unless you can put a new 1×12 drive train on the bike, it’s doubtful it’s worth it. 2021 Deore 1×12 is better than most groups from 2018 or earlier.

Notice the picture? There are no close ups so you can’t really see the wear on the drivetrain. 

Has the fork been serviced? No, that’s another $200 for removal, service, reinstallation. Since the stanchion has a nick, that will have to be smoothed down or it will damage the deals when the fork travels over that area.

Do the tires need sealant?

Trade in range on this bike is $477-492 for a reason.

New rotors, pads, brake bleed, cassette, chain, tune up would be required and then you’ll still have a bike with funky shifters so to replace those will cost another $200-300. Ideally a 1×10 set up would best so another $100 for a crank.

A ten year old groupset even if XT or XTR is still 10 years old. 2021 Deore would be much better and 1×12.

Luckily eBay makes the seller pay for shipping back when there is a return, at least in this case. I’ve returned other stuff where I had to pay the shipping so research this before you buy a bike on eBay.

Probably better to buy from craigslist of just get one new if you can find one.

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