I bought the 32mm f1.4 brand new from Adorama and paid $429. The EF-M 32mm f 1.4 is amazingly sharp. The image below was shot at ISO 200, F1.4, 1/100, handheld indoors on an overcast day at the National Center for Traditional Arts. Note that the display was at an angle so the bottom third is out of focus, but look at the section that is in focus. Wow!

IMG_3104I plan to compare this to my 22mm and also pick up the new Sigma 16mm and 56mm. If primes are this sharp, I may use these as my primary lenses instead of my zooms. 50mm full frame is my least favorite focal length. Too wide for a telephoto and too long for a wide angle. I never liked or used this focal length when shooting 35mm film or full frame digital. This is why I was reluctant to by the 32mm (equivalent of a 51.2mm full frame) even after reading the great reviews about it. I’m glad I did and recommend it to all photographers using an M series body.

Taipei 101 Dec 21, 2019
ISO 100, F1.4, 0.25 sec exposure, 32mm