Camera Market Health – What Happened to the Photography Industry up to 2020 and why should you care?

Mirrorless or DSLR? – Should you buy a mirrorless system or DSLR?

What Camera Should I Buy? – Here are some tips on making this decision.

Tripods – Some tips on using a travel tripod

Nikon Mirrorless APS-C camera – Should Nikon launch a mirrorless APS-C line not based on the Z body but something more along the lines of the Canon M series?

Shooting when its snowing 1/7/19

Camera Bags – Backpack, sling, or waist pack?

Switching systems – Considering switching camera brands from say Nikon to Canon? Read this before buying or selling anything.

Canon or Nikon? – My experience with both brands.

Walk around – What body and lens is the best for walking around and taking pix?

M for Macro – Pictures of things up really close opens a whole new world of photography.

M for Sports – I shot the 2017 US Open with a M3 and 55-200.

M for Travel – Hawaii in December 2017

M for Travel – The boat ride to Ellis and Liberty Island

Bicycle Topics

Mountain Bikes – Almost everything you need to know before buying your first mountain bike.

Street Bikes – Not Road or Mountain bikes, but probably the bike that you’ll put the most miles on since you can ride it straight from your house.

700c to 650b conversion tips – if you plan to convert a road, hybrid, street bike with 700c wheels to 650b, here is my experience with that.

Mountain Bike Tires


How to make a good video – Everything you need to know to make a video


Eighties music and music videos – My favorite decade!