Jan 9, 2020 – Bought a used EOS RP for $800.

First impressions:

  1. It feels better than the R in my hands. When the extra grip is installed it feels much better.
  2. It’s autofocus isn’t that snappy on firmware 1.3.0. Installed the latest firmware 1.4.0 and the autofocus is significantly faster and is plenty fast for any situation I would shoot so I’m happy. I wonder if this is why the guy was selling? See below.
  3. The UI is much better than the R, the feel in the hands and the controls just feel familiar to me. Sorry, would like to quantify specifics here but would need a R in my hands to do that.
  4. EF lenses are massive using the adaptor. I’m using a 24-70 F/4 with the adaptor and it’s as long as a EF 24-105 f/4 L lens on a DSLR.
  5. Canon really needs some small RF lenses, some pancakes maybe. They clearly went after the high end of the market with the current RF lens line, but now some smaller non L glass is really needed.
  6. Hiked all over Point Lobos State Park in California and consistently chose my M6II over the RP though both were in my camera bag. I have all the EF-M lenses I want in my bag, but the EF and RF lenses are just too big to haul around unless I know I’ll be using them.

In the 1980’s I bought a Nikon 8008 the first autofocus camera that I owned and a ground breaking camera in many respects. Anyways, the guy I bought it from said he liked the AF on his Nikon F4 much better saying it was more accurate. As it turned out, the AF was way off on the 8008 so I sent it in to Nikon to be serviced and they fixed it for free and the autofocus was super accurate from then on. That camera only had 1 autofocus sensor in the center of the frame and I loved it.