Go Pro Hero 8

Bought a Go Pro Hero 8 Nov 2019 and here are my initial impressions. Despite all the Cons and some are pretty bad, I just work around them. The image stabilized footage and audio is quite good without the waterproof housing.


  1. Video image quality is amazing compared to my old Hero 4 Silver
  2. Video image stabilization is amazing.  See this sample…
  3. Audio quality is amazing. Listen to this sample…
  4. Gopro is also expanding their Hero ecosystem with the Mods and Rollcage, two items that I actually might buy.


  1. Get a second battery. I had it last 2 hours and then the next time it only lasted an hour. The second time I constantly stopped and restarted recording so the files wouldn’t get too large, but this appear to have cut the battery life in half. I will test out some more, to get a definitive answer, but figure on 1-2 hours of battery life.


  1. Packaging is a joke. Hire somebody from Apple to fix.
  2. Can’t open the SD battery door if mount is attached since the screw obstructs it
  3. Overall menu and user interface is poor. The menus UI need a rewrite.
  4. No tripod socket
  5. Mounts are still the first generation screw in. Should be a bayonet quick release
  6. Cannot remove the micro SD card with your fingers. It requires tweezers!!!! I work around by just attaching a USB C cable and get my footage off with that.
  7. Reading the serial number to register to camera requires a magnifying glass. The font is so tiny it’s really a joke.
  8. The desktop app does not include a feature to update the camera’s firmware.
  9. The desktop app does not show footage on the camera though the Hero 8 will play it back. I’ve gotten this to happen a few times, this last time I’m still having difficulty getting the footage off my camera since the app doesn’t show it. Turned the camera off and on and restarted the app multiple times.
  10. The built in mount is a great idea, but execution is meh. The feet are locked closed with a magnet which is great, but nothing locks them open so they can be difficult to get into a mount.


  1. Buy an extra battery or two depending on how long your shoot is.