M6 Mark II Review

Potato Jet’s review below shows the M6II video looking amazing!

I’m not a video guy so here’s my initial thoughts having the camera for a week. The camera looks like a winner and brings order to the M lineup. The M50 struck me as an odd camera since I would probably buy it over both the M5 and M6 so the line doesn’t make sense. A M200 ($549), M50 ($649), M6 Mark II ($849 body) makes much more sense price and feature set wise.

What most reviews exclude is that the sensor may hopefully hint that Canon will launch some L series or just more EF-M lenses of high quality like the 22 F.2.0, 28 F/2.8, and 32 F/1.4. This would be an amazing development over the next few years. Sigma is also shipping three EF-M mount lenses.

It makes sense that the camera with a higher resolution sensor would come first and then the lenses that take advantage of that resolution afterwards though Canon has done the opposite with the R bodies and RF lenses.


  1. Same battery as the EOS RP and M3, M5, M6
  2. MF/AF switch. Didn’t expect Canon to add this since the AF/MF switch is on the rear dial at 9:00 o’clock on the M3 and M50
  3. Rear AF button
  4. Higher resolution sensor
  5. Metal knurled rear dial. The one feature I hate about the M50 is the plastic rear dial is actually a plastic D pad controller.
  6. $849 price is very competitive with Fuji XT-30 ($800) and Sony A6400 ($898) and only $70 more than the M6 was when it launched in 2017.
  7. Ergonomics. Grip is bigger than an M3 or M50 and feels better to my hand.
  8. UI – excellent
  9. Focus Stacking! (I need to test this out and will add it here or in the macro page)
  10. Image Quality – Will compare to RP and update soon


  1. The video lacks 24p. The lack of 24p is a strategic omission, though Canon has announced they will add it in a 2020 firmware update. Why wasn’t it included at launch? At least they plan on fixing. It’s fixed in April 2020 so download the firmware upgrade.
  2. The buffer filling up and the camera being locked up until it clears has always been an issue with the M line. It was more acute with the M5 and M6 since they advertised 9 FPS, but they didn’t say for only 1-2 seconds. Users find this out the hard way. So at this price point this is what we can expect from an M camera. I’ll test out and update.


  1. None so far. I need to shoot it more.


The Fuji XT-30 and Sony A6400 are both $800 and $900 so at the same price point, but the Fuji lenses are much more expensive, full frame expensive. The 32.5MP sensor would also indicate a focus on the stills market.


MSRP of the M5 $979 in Sept 2016.  The M6 $779 in Feb 2017. The M50 $779 in Feb 2018. The M6II in Sept 2019 was $849. In September 2019 the Amazon and bandh prices are M5 $679, M6 $579, M50 $629. The M6II is priced reasonably since it’s only $70 more than the M6 at launch yet has significant upgrades to the UI and sensor. Canon refurbished has some great deals in Sept 2019, $440 for the M5 or M6 and $464 for the M50.