Nikon Z6 and Z7

While we patiently wait for Canon to announce their Full Frame mirrorless camera, Nikon announced the Z6 and Z7 on Aug 23, 2018. This camera will have a new Z lens mount which is the most significant feature, more than the fact that it’s mirrorless. Being Mirrorless doesn’t make it inherently superior to DSLRs. Read this article, Why Sony’s Full Frame Pro Mirrorless Was a Fatal Mistake and the rebuttal to it In Defense of Sony’s Pro Mirrorless Cameras

Complaints by trolls and my response: 

  1. The trolls immediately complained about only having one XQD slot. There is some validity in this, but it’s just a $200 annoyance. You’ll have to buy an XQD card and reader and take it with you on trips. My Macs have a built in SD card reader, so yeah, it’s a slight inconvenience but not that big a deal. Who writes to two cards simultaneously? Who has had an SD or XQD card fail on them? Again, this is a $200 extra expense.
  2. Battery life is way too low. CIPA numbers are way understated. I’ve gotten hundreds of shots past the limit stated by CIPA on my M3. A quick way to double battery life? Carry an extra one! A $60 expense. Since the Z’s have USB charging, this shouldn’t even be an issue.
  3. Screen doesn’t flip out. Valid for vloggers and heavy video users. I myself am neither and am fine with just the tilt up, down, and out but not to the side. I’ve had both and can go either way.
  4. Autofocus UI is not exactly the way we would like it. I don’t really care. I remember manual focus and film days. When AF was introduced my in focus percentage shot from 50% to over 90% and that was with one AF sensor. All this talk about how many sensor points, cross type or not, etc etc is just noise since it won’t impact me at all.

Major wins:

  1. The Z mounts size and opportunities it represents. Really fast lenses shorter and lighter than the F mount is my understanding. Though I don’t need or care for fast lenses, this is clearly the most important feature of the Z line
  2. USB charging!!!
  3. IBIS
  4. Announcing and possibly shipping before Canon announces their FF mirrorless. 

Strategy: I’m interested to see the DSLR and Z road map. I would expect the same body with the D500 sensor thrown in? Not sure but it appears as if the Z line is just mid and high end like a D750 and D850 equivalents. I wonder if Nikon will launch an APS-C based mirrorless? Too bad Nikon didn’t build their 1 series around their APS-C sensors since if they did, that line would be thriving now instead of discontinued.

My take: I’m happy with what I’ve seen so far, though since Canon’s EOS R was announced, I plan to get the R instead. 

Advantages of mirrorless: You never have to lock up the mirror to eliminate all vibration on a mirrorless camera, though the Sony A7r proved that mirrorless cameras can still have a shutter shock that will vibrate the camera and blur the images. Other than that, some weight and bulk savings. BTW: I solved my Sony A7r shutter shock problem pretty easily, I sold it.