Here are my reviews:

Lumix S5 with a 20-60 f3.5-5.6 First Impressions

M6 Mark II First Look

M50 First Look

EOS R Review

M6 Review

M5 Review

M3 Review


Go Pro Session – It sucks. The wind noise makes the product unusable. Don’t recommend. Please don’t buy this piece of junk.

Go Pro Hero 8 – I’ve been using the Go Pro Hero 8 and am really happy with the image quality and time lapse feature. The image stabilization is amazing. Highly recommended.


March 2015 11-22 $279

April 2015 M3 for $493

May 2015 55-200 for $290

April 2016 bought a broken M3 for $100 and got it fixed for free!

April 2017 M6 and 15-45 for $899 sold for

Oct 2019 M6 Mark II for $849

Oct 2019 EF-S 60mm f2.8, 50mm F1.8

The best reviewers on youtube are Potato Jet and Jared Polin better known as FroKnowsPhoto. Potato Jet is very video oriented. I watch his videos even though I don’t plan to buy any of the equipment he’s reviewing. As a working professional he gives a practical and valuable insight that other sites lack. He’s also funny.

Other reviewers to watch include Kai W and Lok Cheung. They were both with digitalrev and made great video reviewers there but have since went out on their own.

There is no shortage of gear to review, but the number of models will shrink and the importance of reviews will diminish. Why? The industry is contracting due to the quality of images and video coming from iPhones and the Google Pixel 4. There is no use getting a point and shoot and entry level DSLRs are also next in line to get squashed by smart phones. The importance will diminish since the latest generation of cameras are so good that the best way to determine if a camera is for you is to rent or buy a used one and try it out. No review can tell you if you’ll like using a particular camera model. You need to try it out for yourself. Read more about this at What camera should I buy?

Ironically the oldest and best funded site is the worst. dpreview has been around forever, is well funded since they are owned by Amazon, but the quality of the reviews makes them not even worth watching. The reviewers and commenters are whiney and magnify minor product issues making it difficult for beginners to make good decisions. The video reviews are boring, not very informative or entertaining, and are a struggle to watch until the end. Worse is that the reviewers magnify any perceived weakness in a particular camera making it difficult for beginners to make a sound decision. For example, a common complaint about is that a camera doesn’t have full sensor 4K with AF, a lack of IBIS, or only one card slot. The reality is a photographer doesn’t need these feature to take good photos and a videographer can still make great videos without 4K, IBIS, and only one card slot. How often have you had a blurry pic because you didn’t use a tripod or a fast enough shutter speed? How many times did your SD card fail resulting in lost images? How many people need the best 4K video available? These features are available on higher priced models yet they want them on lower priced models too.

The moderators are useless:
dpreview moderators are the worst. Here is a good example: What are people using for a compatible Arca Swiss type Plate that doesn’t impact the functionality of the rear screen or the battery door – Stego

I responded to his post with a link to the one I’m using and had my post removed and was threatened with a ban. What???!! How can a reply answer the question without a link to what they are using? I even included pix so the user would know about the fit issues similar to my page on mounts. Worse, this post has the same link and his post remains. Sales? I don’t sell anything on my site.


I can’t respond to this moderator so I found another way to email dpreview and asked them to delete my account and all my posts. There are other sites on the net for info and reviews.