12/7/19 So I visited a brick and mortar camera store today. I haven’t been to this camera shop in 19 years. I last went there to buy a Nikon Pronea S. What a piece of junk. Worst image quality ever. I’m surprised this place is still in business. Anyways. Yeah, things have changed in 19 years. There’s a security guard at the door now. Reps from every major brand were there, but I was only interested in the Sigma DC DN EF-M lenses which of course were not in stock, nor did the Sigma rep have any with him. He did have the Sony versions so here are my thoughts. The 16mm is a long lens, much longer than you might think for a 16mm. Looks great though if you need a 16mm 1.4. The 30mm 1.4 he didn’t have, but I just bought the Canon 32mm f1.4 so besides the price, not sure why I’d get the Sigma 30mm? The 56mm f1.4 is a great lens. The focusing rings feel great on these lenses. Large and smooth. I’m trying out a EF 50 f1.8 STM with the EF to EF-M adaptor since it was only $85. If I need the extra speed then I’ll consider buying the Sigma.

The FP, wow, cool camera if you need a video camera. Much smaller than you would think with lots of rigging you can attach. The heat sinks were on 3 sides so supposedly you can shoot for 2 hours straight without overheating. If Sigma releases a higher megapixel stills oriented FP then I’m sure that would sell since the L mount lenses have a huge selection.

The Canon rep was really pushing the RP. Told me he’d give me a camera to trade in to the trade in counter and then would give me an additional $100 off so that’s not a bad deal. $999-$100 = $899 plus the store would give me a 10% coupon to spend at a later date. That’s a pretty good deal but I’m toying with the idea of not having a full frame camera and just using my 32mp M6 Mark II. Is the 26mp RP image quality that much better than my M6II?